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Release notes

StackBill Cloud Management Portal Version Overview

StackBill is a complete self-service intuitive Cloud Management Portal with extensive features leveraging Apache CloudStack® with state of art years of expertise.

CMP For Datacenters | Enterprises | Telecom and Cloud Service Providers.

The StackBill cloud platform release notes track incremental improvements and major releases.

StackBill Cloud Management Portal 3.1.1 Version Overview

StackBill 3.1.1 - August 3rd, 2023

Whats New

  • Notifications email sends to the admin whenever a new user signs up.
  • Notifications email sends the admin when a user creates or deletes a virtual machine (VM).
  • Integrated a helpdesk system to provide support and assistance to the users.
  • Provided the option to display their social media links in the footer.
  • Provided the option to display their footer links.
  • SubDomain feature added
  • FAQ
  • Login Page Slider
  • Billing for Marketplace apps


  • Instance Creation Screen UI Improvements
  • Admin NewUI Screens
  • List Pages Improvement

Bug Fixes

  • Payment Setting Link Wrongly Displayed in Dashboard Page issue fixed
  • Billing - Purchase Savings Plans Back menu not working issue fixed
  • Breadcrumb - Home navigation getting Blank page issue fixed

StackBill Cloud Management Portal 3.02 Version Overview

StackBill 3.02 - September 15th, 2022

What’s New

  • New UI - Dashboard improvement, Left side menu re-organize, VM summary page and User profile design changes
  • Mobbex and Acqio payment integration
  • Download option added for draft invoices
  • Option to export client details
  • Notification mail added for VM failed action
  • Email unique validation check added in ACS user manual sync


  • Language translation upgrade
  • Signup new user without payment configuration
  • Mobile number duplicate validation
  • Cloudstack error message changed to a human-readable format
  • Profile image upload

Bug Fixes

  • Prepaid account dashboard cost issue fixed
  • Decimal place round-off issue fix added
  • Enable advanced monitoring no reference object issue is fixed
  • Reserved instance savings plan design issue fixed
  • Volume usage metrics mismatch from ACS
  • CPU utilization issue fixed in VM list page
  • Unable to create VM using ISO template

StackBill 3.01 Version Overview

STACKBILL 3.01 August 6th, 2022

What’s New

  • ACS 4.16 upgrade and compatibility verification in StackBill
  • VM settings integration
  • Vault HashiCorp integration for user key complaints
  • Advanced monitoring auto upgrade
  • Client budget alert configuration


  • Port forwarding rule creation slowness
  • Report generation slowness problem
  • Exclude daily usage for a suspended account
  • External usage API upgrade
  • Websocket communication issue for slow network connection

Bug Fixes

  • Duplicate VM display issue fixed
  • Account deletion flow issue fixed
  • The recurring snapshot policy failed to delete the older snapshot
  • VM already exists issue when creating an instance from an external API
  • Time zone issue fixed in VM schedule configuration
  • Error when resizing root volume through external API
  • Disable the primary email edit option
  • VM loader issue fixed

StackBill 3.00 Version Overview

STACKBILL 3.00 June 10th, 2022 What’s New

  • New UI User Panel – Beta version
  • Snapshot Policy API
  • Tags API


  • Change the translation to "borrar" instead of Eliminar in Admin and user panel

Bug Fixes

  • Template name not updated on instances list
  • Volume list action buttons not showing
  • Delete volume snapshot issue

StackBill 2.04 Version Overview

STACKBILL 2.04 April 28th, 2022 What’s New

  • Invoices do not reflect Stopped Resources.
  • Fixed payment or Pay as you go Based on User.
  • Recurring Snapshot API


  • Action button panel on secondary NICs
  • Remove the "Make redundant" option


  • VM detach and static NAT disable failed when deleted the corresponding VM
  • Create Volume Price displayed NAN value
  • PF and LB "VIEW" buttons on VPC not working
  • Error in the Template filter (Spanish only)

StackBill 2.03 Version Overview

STACKBILL 2.03 February 27th, 2022 What’s New

  • Reserved Instance Integration in Stackbill
  • Farsi Language Support
  • Role Privileges for Admin Users


  • API changes to Regenerate Tax Pending Status.
  • Custom field with search filter.

About StackBill

StackBill is a complete self-service intuitive Cloud Management Portal with extensive features leveraging Apache CloudStack® with state of art years of expertise.