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Auto Scaling Deployment

Add Autoscaling feature to the instance in Stackbill CMP

  • Click on the Virtual Resources dropdown button below the dashboard icon, Which is available in the top left corner. from the dropdown, Click on Autoscaling, to create a Autoscaling policy.
  • Autoscaling screen appears.
  • On the right side of the panel you can see a option called Add Autoscale option, Click on it.
  • Add Autoscale option appears.
  • Auto scale Policy Name - Give a name for the policy.
  • Choose a Load balancer - Identify the load balancer for which the Auto Scale policy should be created.
  • OS Template - Select the OS template.
  • Compute Offer - Choose the Compute offer as per the requirement.
  • SSH Keypair - Select the SSH Keypair.
  • Click Next button.
  • On the second step complete the configuration process for the Autoscale policy.
  • Scaling Policy - Select the Scaling policy as per the requirement.
  • Capacity planner - In the capacity planner, you can specify how many minimum and maximum instances you want to create while scaling up.
  • Scale-up - The scale-up is based on two metrics (i.e) CPU, and MEMORY, select the metrics as per the requirement.
  • Scale down - The scale down also is based on the same metrics.
  • Threshold - Here, you can specify a specific threshold value to launch auto-scaling so that the instance will be created Virtually when the VM reaches threshold value)
  • Warmup interval - When creating a new capacity provider or updating an existing one, you can specify a custom instance warm-up time, and you can set instance warm-up time in seconds.
  • And click the NEXT button.
  • In this section, you can review your policy in detail.
  • If you want to edit the previous page you can edit using the Edit option which is placed above the page.
  • Click Review and launch button to launch the policy.
  • Now the Autoscaling policy has been configured successfully.

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