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What is Affinity Group

Affinity group On StackBill Cloud Management Portal.

  • A positive rule tries to run the virtual machines together on a single host; a negative affinity rule tries to run the virtual machines apart on separate hosts.

  • Affinity group is a feature that allows users to group the resources together so that we can work together more efficiently. Affinity groups can be used to ensure that resources are located in the same data center or region, which can improve network latency and reduce data transfer costs.

  • When you create an affinity group, you can specify a geographic location for the group, and then add resources to the group. The resources that are added to the group will be located in the same data center or region as the affinity group. This can be useful for applications that require low latency or high availability, as resources that are located closer together can communicate more quickly and reliably.

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