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Attach Data Volume

Steps to attach a data volume in windows VM

  • Let's assume that you have already created a VM and volume has been attached to your windows instance.
  • Login into your windows instance and right click on the windows button and select disk management.
  • While access the disk management snap-in, it automatically detects your attached disk and prompt to initialize the disk. Click OK to continue.
  • Currently, your attached disk will be in unallocated state.
  • Right click on the disk and select New Simple Volume.
  • New wizard will popup, click Next to continue.
  • Specify the volume size, by default it takes total disk space. Then click Next.
  • Assign a drive to your disk and click Next.
  • Specify a filesystem for your disk. By default, NTFS will be selected and Next.
  • Click Finish to complete the wizard.
  • After few seconds, your drive will be available to use.