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In the organization section in StackBill CMP user can view the flow of the user profile, user manager, RBAC, quota limit, maintenance, and my Activity.

  • User profile: This refers to the information associated with a user account, such as their Change Password, Payment Settings, Credits & Promo code, Notification settings any other relevant details.
  • User manager: This refers to the tool or interface used to manage user accounts, including adding new users, modifying existing users, and deleting users.
  • RBAC: This stands for Role-Based Access Control, which is a method of granting different levels of access to resources based on a user's role or job function.
  • Quota limit: This refers to a limit placed on the amount of resources (such as storage space and bandwidth etc..,) that a user is allowed to consume.
  • My Activity: This refers to a feature that allows users to view their activity in the StackBill Portal.

About StackBill

StackBill is a complete self-service intuitive Cloud Management Portal with extensive features leveraging Apache CloudStack® with state of art years of expertise.