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Security Group Firewall

  • The purpose of Security groups in StackBill CMP is to isolate traffic to virtual machines.

  • Security groups are groups of virtual machines that filter their traffic based on ingress and egress rules.

  • According to these rules, network traffic is filtered according to the IP address trying to communicate with the virtual machine.

  • The use of security groups is especially useful in zones using basic networking, since all guest VMs have their own network.

  • The KVM hypervisor is the only hypervisor that supports security groups in advanced zones.

Add security group in StackBill CMP

  • Click on the Network dropdown button below the compute icon, Which is available in the top left corner. from the dropdown, Click on Security Groups option.
  • Security groups screen appears
  • At the right side of the panel the user can able to see a button called Add, click on it.
  • Enter the name and give a short description
  • And select the status.
  • Finally, Click on Add button.
  • Now the security group has been created successfully.
  • In the Action section we can edit,manage,and delete the security group.

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