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Dashboard Overview

Dashboard Overview in StackBill CMP

Cloud and container usage can be monitored with a single click using 25+ metrics provided by StackBill CMP.

  • Cloud and Container usage can be monitored in a single click using 20+ metrics provided by StackBill CMP.
  • Click on the Monitoring dropdown button below the Apps icon, Which is available in the top left corner. from the dropdown, Click on Dashboard.
  • The Monitoring Dashboard screen appears.
  • Here user can monitor their overall resources usage.
  • An overview of the usage is available in the dashboard, along with metrics, triggers, and graphs.
  • It is also possible to view both CPU and Memory usage.
  • On the left side of the portal, the user can able to view the alert summary of the resources.
  • The user can view a detailed view of resource usage here.
  • An Overview of CPU usage can be viewed by clicking on the CPU option in the menu.
  • An Overview of Memory usage can be viewed by clicking on the Memory option in the menu.
  • The Disk and Network options on the menu provide detailed usage reports for Disk and Network.

About StackBill

StackBill is a complete self-service intuitive Cloud Management Portal with extensive features leveraging Apache CloudStack® with state of art years of expertise.