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Billing System in StackBill (Cloud Management Portal)

StackBill instances are running on virtualized hardware. You can use them standalone or as part of larger, cloud-based infrastructures.

StackBill is a usage-based billing and chargeback solution that supports both postpaid and prepaid billing. It is also possible to generate the bill amount in your regional currency.

Billing Overview in StackBill CMP

  • Click on the Billing dropdown button below the Monitoring icon, Which is available in the top left corner. from the dropdown, Click on Overview.
  • The Billing overview screen appears.
  • In this section, user can able to see detailed information from the right-side dashboard about how many resources have been consumed. The left side graph indicates the actual month's usage.
  • Billing notification menu, here you can see the total usage of virtual resources and due date, and the status of the payment

  • To set a budget for your virtual resource usage, use the budget alert menu.

  • The Budget alert can be set by clicking the Setup alert option in the menu.

The option to set up a budget alert screen appears

  • Enter the amount - The amount to be utilized for a month for your virtual resource can be set here.

  • Email recipients - Enter the email address of the person who should receive alerts here.

  • Finally, Now you have set your Budget alert for your resources, by clicking on Save button.

About StackBill

StackBill is a complete self-service intuitive Cloud Management Portal with extensive features leveraging Apache CloudStack® with state of art years of expertise.